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Restoration Homestead

Restoration Homestead

Restoration Homestead is a farm, a bed & breakfast, and our home. As a family, we raise cattle, pigs and chickens, and we bake the best bread in Texas in our one-of-a-kind wood-fired oven. Visit to see more.

Restoration Homestead did not begin as a business venture. It started as a family that had been drawn to life in the country. We started with a single shipment of day-old chicks and 3 broken down old Angus cows. We now sell eggs from 150 layer hens, we are growing our heard of registered Lowline Angus cattle, and we labor endlessly with our beloved Red Wattle Pigs.

Be sure to try our naturally leavened bread, too. Based on techniques that were perfected in San Francisco, these breads are simply unmatched in the Dallas area in terms of quality and artistry. Check them out at

And if you need to escape the city for a while and want to see where this wonderful food comes from, please stay with us in our guest homes and enjoy breakfast and pizzas from the farm! We have two guest homes—a reconstructed pioneer log cabin and a larger traditional home. Together they are perfect for group retreats and family reunions. We are located a little over an hour southeast of downtown Dallas.