About Us

Calf and People

Restoration Homestead is a family business in the truest sense of the word. What began inauspiciously as an attempt to create a family getaway in Southeastern Navarro County has quite unexpectedly transformed slowly into an actively managed and diversified farm. Chicken, eggs, beef and pork (and now naturally leavened artisan bread) are created within the context of 4 generations of the same family living in much the same way as our ancestors.

We deeply admire the ways and traditions of prior generations that coaxed food from the land with far fewer tools at their disposal than we have. To the extent we can, we honor them by using methods that produce the kinds of foods that they would have produced. Cattle and pigs are raised on pastures that are completely free of pesticides and herbicides. Animals NEVER receive antibiotics or hormones for growth. We grind and mix our own supplemental rations for the pigs and use organic hay for the cattle either from our farm or a nearby farm. No animal is ever kept in a confinement facility; they enjoy fresh air and sunshine their entire lives.

A few years ago, we started making naturally leavened bread in a large wood-fired oven made with reclaimed bricks from Navarro County. We buy the best organic grain available, mill it on the farm with a classic Meadows stone mill, and use a traditional slow fermentation process that yields a loaf that one food critic called the “farmers market find of the century.” With good reason, we believe along with many of our customers that it’s the best bread available in Dallas.

Perhaps most importantly, we live here. In an age when one farmer can leverage machinery and technology to manage hundreds and even thousands of acres to create what one writer calls “widowed” farm land, we want to do our little part to bring life—family life—back to the land.

We hope you will enjoy our products and help us and other local, family famers bring life to the land and great food to your table!