Will eating beef & pork kill me?

"Ironically—or perhaps tellingly—the heart disease “epidemic” began after a period of exceptionally reduced meat eating.”
Nina Teicholz, The Atlantic Magazine

Farmers Market

Obviously, everyone should eat a healthy, diversified diet that includes other things that grow naturally on the earth. But there is absolutely no reason why meats, and red meats in particular, can’t be a major part of a healthy diet.

We are not nutritionists, medical experts or scientists, but we read the studies. We recommend that you check out these excellent resources if you have any doubt as to whether you can sit down to bacon and eggs in the morning or a tender ribeye with a glass of red wine in the evening.

Here is an excellent overview of the entire issue from The Atlantic Magazine.

This article specifically addresses the health effects of pastured meats.

Much of the misinformation about red meat stems from the sugar industry’s decades-long attempts to deflect attention from its own dreadful health effects to a scapegoat: red meats. Here is a fascinating history of the sugar industry’s campaign.

Finally, Sally Fallon’s history of how the vegetable oil industry manipulated federal food policy in its favor provides additional insight into why red meats have received such a bad name from federal and state governments.

So, do your homework! We are confident that you will conclude, as we have, that eating beef and pork, as well as lamb, chicken and turkey, has no pernicious health effects. Of course, all diets should be balanced. But go ahead and have that pork chop from a pasture-raised animal! If the farmer has done what he should, you will be participating in healing the land, bringing some vitality back to rural America, and enjoying a healthy and tasty diet.